Neurodevelopmental Testing

The CRS Neurodevelopmental Assessment Program provides consultation services from a licensed clinical psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychology as well as test administration and scoring support by a psychometrist for pediatric clinical research studies.

Services Provided

  • Consultation regarding study design & implementation of neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive testing
  • Assistance with establishing an appropriate test battery
  • Access to a testing room & basic supplies
  • Administration of a variety of assessment instruments used to assess cognitive abilities as well as emotional, behavioral, and social functioning
  • Consultation regarding analysis of test data and appropriate dissemination of research findings

Neurodevelopmental Evaluation Details

  1. Neurodevelopmental evaluations will be performed by a psychometrist under the supervision of Dr. Shannon Lundy ([email protected]).
  2. For study design, study planning, test selection and budget purposes, Dr. Lundy is available to provide one hour of consultation without charge.
  3. Neurodevelopmental testing will be reimbursed through a recharge mechanism, with an hourly rate charged for actual time required for testing, scoring and return of scores to the study team.
  4. Additional budget items may include start up time or expense, e.g., “gold standard” testing used in multicenter protocols, or costs associated with non-standard (not widely used) tests.
  5. Investigators wishing to engage a psychologist as a co-investigator need to secure that collaboration on their own.
  6. Test responses and scores will be reviewed by the psychometrist and sent to Dr. Lundy if areas of concern are identified. Dr. Lundy will contact the investigators to present and discuss these findings.
  7. If investigators anticipate routine release of neurodevelopmental test results to families, this must be addressed in the IRB application and informed consent process.
  8. If authorized, test results will be released to families in abbreviated form, i.e., the child’s performance based on standardized curves: below average, average, above average.


Neuropsychologist – contact regarding any of the above services
Shannon Lundy, PhD
[email protected]

Lauren Christopher
[email protected]