Facilities & Contacts

CRS provides the clinical and translational research infrastructure for UCSF investigators who wish to study pathogenesis and treatment spanning the spectrum of human disease. Investigators seeking to conduct research within any of the CRS sites must have their protocol approved by one of two standing CRS Advisory Committees. See the Guidelines and Application Process [need link]

CRS Sites

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CRS Central Administration & Managers

Medical Director
Henry F. "Chip" Chambers, MD
415-206-5437 (phone)
415-648-8425 (fax)
[email protected]

Nursing Director

Deborah Zeitschel, RN, MSN, PHN
[email protected]

Nurse Manager - PCRC
Lisa Coronado, RN,MSN

[email protected]

Administrative Nurse Manager - ZSFG Site
Bernadette Tobin, RN
[email protected]

Body Composition, Exercise Physiology and Energy Metabolism
Deborah Zeitschel, RN, MSN, PHN
[email protected]

Sample Processing Manager
Ronald Honrada
ronald.[email protected]

Budget Request
[email protected]

Protocol Start-up Meetings

Protocol and Clinical Operations Manager

Teresa Luu, MS, CCRP
[email protected]