Neonatal Clinical Research Center (NCRC)

The NCRC is an Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) with 58 beds located at UCSF Benioff Hospital Pediatrics. Admissions come from both UCSF Labor and Delivery and transfers from other hospitals. 

Research Opportunities

  • Level IV (quarternary) NICU: all neonatal medical + surgical services, including cardiopulmonary bypass (ECMO + intraoperative)
  • Diverse pathophysiology conditions
  • Diverse family backgrounds

Goals for Study Screening & Recruitment

  • Optimize access to research for infants/families
  • Optimize study enrollment for clinical investigators
  • Limit burden on families from study approaches
    • Multiple study approaches
    • Study approaches at times of substantial distress
    • Enhance clear communication among study teams and with research administration regarding interest in participating in research/specific types of research (observational vs. interventional)

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